Ukraine UA





Capital: Kiev

Area: 603'700 km²


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For most common series I have load up max. 3 pictures. From these series I have usually many more pictures in my collection.

Normal series 2015

Normal series 2023 online registration

Normal series 2015 two line (style 1)

Normal series 2015 two line (style 2)

Normal series 2004

Normal series 2004 two line

Normal series 1995

Normal series 1995 two line

Trailer series 2015 (xx nnnn Xx)

Trailer series 2004 (xx nnnn Xx)

Trailer series 1995

Plates for parlamentary vehicles (AA/KA 00nnII)

Plates for electric vehicles 2022 (Y-serie)

Plates for electric vehicles 2020 (Z-serie)

Plates for public vehicles 2004

Motorcycle series 2004

Personalized plates 2015

Personalized plates 1995

Diplomatic series 2014

Diplomatic series 2004