Welcome on my plates-spotting homepage!

My hobby is to take pictures from foreign license plates in Switzerland. In my collection I have over 20'000 pictures from 118 countries/territories. All were taken in Switzerland by myself, only a few plates from outside of Europe were taken in neighbouring countries. Have fun!

Here I give some information for you about me and my hobby.

On this page you will find weekly new plates of rare countries or of missing codes and special plates. Usually I update this page every sunday.

Look here for all countries/territories that I have photographed in Switzerland! Currently there are 118 countries/territories, often with many different codes!

In the last few years the rally Peking to Paris was twice in Switzerland. See all plates in this section.

Here you can see many different ovals which I saw. Some of there are real others are for special interests or other meanings.

Look here for many files of statistic like  weekly logbook, yearly overview and others.

In this section I introduce some good spotter-places around Zürich and Geneva!

Some nice links to other pages around plates!

All pictures in this section were taken by me outside Switzerland, in recent years I have been several times on holiday in France, Italy and Portugal.

On these sites I introduce you my second hobby, listening short-wave around the world.