About me and my hobby

About me

My name is Christian and I live in the eastern part of Switzerland near Zürich. I was born 1971, since 1995 I am married and I have 4 children. I work since over 20 year near Zürich for a technical trade company.

My hobby

My hobby is to take pictures from foreign license plates in Switzerland. In my collection I have over 10'000 pictures from over 100 countries/territories.

How I do it

I started in 2009 with my collection. In last few years I invest many hours in this passion. I try to go on tour every Saturday morning and I visit many of the places that I mentioned under ‘Spotter-Places’. Every day I visit on my way to work the rest area ‘Rastplatz Kemptthal’. There are always a lot of foreign trucks and cars to note. Once all two week I visit long-duration-parking on the airport in Kloten. Three or four time in year I go to Geneva for plate-spotting. There are always many rare plates. In the summer month there are many plates from Arabic-countries. Every time in Geneva I can note over 40 countries in one day! So all pictures in my main-collection were taken in Switzerland and so also all pictures on this page! Weekly I create a protocol about my logs. You find this under 'Statistics'.

counting system

I count all sovereign states, territories with there own plates system (eg, GBJ, GBM, FO etc.) and all territories who are more than 200 km away from motherland (eg, Hawaii, Alaska, Tasmania, Canary Islands and Melilla).