Hungary H

Republic of Hungary

Magyar Köztársaság


Capital: Budapest

Area: 93'032 km²



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For most common series I have load up max. 3 pictures. From these series I have usually many more pictures in my collection.

Normal plates 2022

Normal plates 2022 two line

Normal plates 2004

Normal plates 2004 two line

Normal plates 2004 small size

Normal plates 1995

Normal plates 1995 two line

Motorcycle plates 2004

Plates for electric vehicle 2022

Plates for electric vehicle 2015

Commercial plates 2004

Commercial plates 1995

Trailer plates 2004

Trailer plates 2004 two line

Trailer plates 1995 two line

Diplomatic plates 2017

Diplomatic plates 2009

Diplomatic plates 1990

Plates for non-diplomatic embassy staff series 2009

Plates for non-diplomatic embassy staff series 1990

Diplomatic-series used for diplomatic embassy staff leaving the country, valid for 30 days, no coding

Personalized plates 2004

Taxi plates 2004

Temporary plates 2022

Temporary plates P

Temporary plates P two line

Import plates Z