Switzerland CH

Swiss Confederation

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft

Confédération suisse

Confederazione Svizzera


Capital: Berne

Area: 41'293 km²

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For most common series I have load up max. 3 pictures. From these series I have usually many more pictures in my collection.

Normal plates

Normal plates (older series)

Dealer plates U

Temporary plates

Temporary plates, older issue

Series with smaller letters, since 10/2013 (not in all cantons)

Temporary plates Z (duty not been payed)

Communal plates

Communal plates (old series)

Plates for abnormal vehicle

Agriculture series (only front and special two line in VD and FR)

Motorcycle plates

Unknown new plates serie for small motorcycle or vehicle like on the picture

Boat plates (various style)

Military plates

Military trailer-plates

Military boat-plates

Plates for federal postal- and railway-service

Special rare plates

Diplomatic plates CD

Consular plates CC

Plates for administrative and technical personnel AT (only BE)

Consular plates (additional CC to normal plates)

Replacement plates remade (not legal)

Plates for bicycle

Pedal plates for civil-bicycle, series 1990

Pedal plates for civil-bicycle, series 1978

Pedal plates for federal and military-bicycle, series 1962

M = Military

1001 = special bicycle-corps

2001 = other forces, corps-material

Additional pedal plates for military-bicycle in military-arsenal, series 1962