Netherlands NL

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Koninkrijk der Nederlands


Capital: Amsterdam

Area: 41'160 km²



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For most common series I have load up max. 3 pictures. From these series I have usually many more pictures in my collection.

Normal plates 2000 (var. Sidecodes)

Normal plates 2000 two line (var. Sidecodes)

Commercial plates 2000 (B = Bedrijfswagens) (var. Sidecodes)

Light Commercial plates 2000 (V = Vrachtwagen)

Semi-trailer plates 2000 (O = Opleggers)

Trailer plates 2000 (W = Aanhangwagens)

Normal plates 2000 special size

Normal plates 2000 small size

Self made plates / fake plates

Motorcycle plates 2000

Moped plates 2005

Moped plates 2005

Additional repeater-plates for bike-rack

Additional repeater-plates for small trailers/car-boxes

Special permitted plates 2000 (ZZ = abnormal vehicle)

Taxi plates

Dealer Plates / H = Handelaren


Export plates 2014

Export plates 2014 (B-Code)

Export plates 2014 (V-Code)

Export plates 2014 (W-Code)

Export plates 1994

Provisional plates Z (vaild for 7 days)

Oldtimer plates (cars older than 25 years)

Oldtimer plates small size (cars older than 25 years)

Oldtimer plates two line (cars older than 25 years)

Oldtimer plates YA/YB (cars built 1973-1977)

Oldtimer plates two line YA/YB (cars built 1973-1977)

Replacement plates 1

Replacement plates 1 two line

Replacement plates 2

Diplomatic plates

Diplomatic plates small size

Plates for private vehicles of International Organizations, U.S. and Belgian military personnel attached to NATO

Netherlands Forces in Germany