Sweden S

Kingdom of Sweden

Konungariket Sverige


Capital: Stockholm

Area: 449'964 km²



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For most common series I have load up max. 3 pictures. From these series I have usually many more pictures in my collection.

Normal plates 2019

Normal plates 2014

New plates were introduced for most vehicles classes in Sweden from 1st January 2014. The differencies are rather limited:  orientation towards the centre of the plate; shorter distance between letters and numerals;  and a new font for letters and numerals (especially 3, 6, 7 and 9). The whole chassis number is now shown on the plate (earlier it was the last 11 digits), and it has been moved from the top centre to the top left, a manufacturer (make of car) code is shown to the left of the chassis number (e.g. TO for Toyota).

Normal plates 2014 small size

Normal plates 2010

Normal plates 2003

Normal plates (Large)

Normal plates 2003 small size

Normal plates 1972

Normal plates two line 1972

Motorcycle plates 2019

Motorcycle plates 2003

Motorcycle plates 1984


Taxi plates 2014

Dealer plates 2019

Temporary plates 2019

Temporary plates 2014

Temporary plates 2001

Personalized plates

Normal plates 2017 small size personalized

Personalized plates small size